Gina and Marco are the people behind LIVA’s olive oil. Both have a love for olive oil since their birth. Every year at harvest time, Gina and Marco pick the fruit by hand. It’s exhausting, they say, but there’s nothing better than shaking the ripe olives from the trees and watching the fruit fall into their catch nets

Gina and marco at harvest
Marco at harvest

Liva Olive Oil

Gina and Marco are convinced: you can taste the traditional harvesting and processing of the olives by hand. Their many years of experience, their trained eye and, last but not least, the love and passion they put into Liva oil production make a big difference.

An oil produced with machines can never compete with the Liva quality. This is also confirmed by family and friends who come every year to the oil mill in the Merula Valley to taste the new year’s oil with the two olive growers.



All 800 of the Taggiasca olive trees in the Merula Valley are cared for by Marco and Gina no matter if sunshine or rain all year.



In November and December, the olives reach their ideal ripeness and are either shaken from the trees with sticks or harvest combs. By using sticks or harvest combs, Gina and Marco ensure that all olives are in perfect condition before they are taken to the mill.



Finally, the olives reach their last stop: at a traditional stone mill, the oil is extracted and bottled by hand, which gives the olive oil the best possible protection from external agents.

Olive oil means life and health for me



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